Fundraising @ Mamma Gina’s Pizzeria

From birth to eighteen, your kids will need to fundraise dozens of times for sports teams, field trips, school supplies, dances… you name it, and you’re constantly looking for new ways to raise money. Fundraising is an art, but sometimes you’re just not feeling very artistic, so we here at Mamma Gina’s have simplified fundraisers for you. Here are just some of the reasons as to why Mamma  Gina’s is perfect for a mother’s busy schedule.

Everyone knows you bake the best brownies in town, they are literally the talk of the school. But you’re getting tired of busting out that secret recipe and whipping up twelve batches every time the softball team needs new jerseys.

Wave goodbye to bake sales, bottle drives, silent auctions, silk-screened t-shirt selling, and all those overused ways to raise money. It takes just minutes at Mamma Gina’s to turn any night out into a fundraising dinner for any cause.

Fundraising dinners are much more than just a way to raise money, they are social events, a place for people to catch up with old friends, to mingle with the other parents, for the kids to play and laugh with one another, and for everyone to come together over a delicious meal–a delicious meal that you didn’t have to cook 🙂  You can also turn any already existing event into a fundraiser at Mamma Gina’s. Is it someones birthday coming up? Throw them a party at Mamma Gina’s with the dual purpose of raising money for those new jerseys. Make it a fun filled night off. Give us a call @ 516-568-1333

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